The present capability and resource of the centre owes much to the shared journeys of our customers and those who have partnered us since 1985. We believe this sharing and exposure of so many lives has shaped and enriched the quality of experience the centre offers.

Team Development
“Effective Teams – The Power to Succeed”
Tailored programmes designed to fit specific team needs. These programmes are for teams in early stages of development who need to gel effectively and quickly and also for those who recognise there is more potential in the teams they lead. We work together to discover how the potential can be released.

Strategy of Team building
A two day programme focusing on the strategy and methodology of team building. As well as covering the psychology of team development the course also includes insights, useful techniques and beliefs from successful team leaders. The programme is useful for those involved in project management or leading teams.

Culture Development
The two day programme focuses on the need to be pro-active in developing culture within teams and organisations and seeks to raise awareness of the high cost of negligence. The course shares various skills, ideas and techniques used by successful leaders and covers insights into their thinking in shaping cultures.

Graduate Development

The two day programme focuses on giving recently recruited graduates the skills, capability and confidence to fit and function effectively within teams.

Sales Development
The two day programme is for those wanting to improve pull style and relationship selling capability and communicate effectively with customers.

Project Management
The two day programme focuses on skills and techniques used by successful project managers who are required to manage projects in a tight time frame. The course enables delegates to understand how they can accelerate the building of strong platforms in early stages of projects.

Leadership Development
A personal coaching service to develop leadership capability and effectiveness. The service is aimed at providing support for those with specific area needs as well as for the generalist interested in becoming well rounded.

Effective Leadership
A concentrated two day programme that enables future or recently appointed leaders to understand a broad spectrum of useful leadership skills. Delegates have a chance to identify, develop and practice skills and techniques that are relevant to their place of work and to receive feedback in a supportive environment.

Experienced Leadership

The two day programme focuses on developing the skills and capability of those in senior leadership positions. The programme shares skills, techniques, ideas and beliefs used by leaders with a known track record.

Managing Change
The centre has been involved in partnering and coaching a number of change management projects within organisations and teams and offers a resource of experience and shared exposure.

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