We run a variety of fun teambuilding programmes to suit our client's needs.
Our teambuilding events:-

Build trust, support and depth in relationships
Improve the quality of communication
Build confidence, motivation and morale
Create a healthy culture and climate which enables us to enjoy belonging

We can offer either tailor designed teambuilding events, or packaged offerings such as the Barn Raising that is outlined below. We have many differing team tasks and a comprehensive ropes course that we can utilise to put together the perfect programme for your team. Please give us a call on: 01256 381172, or email enquiries@lashamtraining.co.uk for more information.

An exciting, innovative and challenging team activity; as far as we are aware we are the only organisation offering this truly different event...

The challenge for the team is to raise a substantial wooden barn in a day! This event as well as being great fun is a natural and effective teambuilding event. It is also used as an ‘intelligent’ or ‘learning’ event with specific focus on team development, leadership development, the human side of project management, and as a kick start in changing brand values. Depending on your outcomes we can tailor the day to meet your specific needs.

Every participant has the opportunity to be hands on in terms of construction and raising the barn, and will also belong to a sub team with specific responsibilities:-

Co-ordinators head up the whole project.
Safety team assess risk and manage a safe environment.
Tool bank team maintains the tool bank and educates how best to use the equipment
Constructors are responsible for constructing and securing the main frames.
Cladders focus on walls, doors and windows.
Roofers train to work safely at height.
Journalists are responsible for making a visual record of the day.

Mid-morning the first frame will be raised and the physical aspect of the barn raising will have started. Every one will have to work together with enthusiasm and industry from this moment.
The goal is to light the fire in the wood burning stove in the completed barn by 1700.
On completion, some teams have used the barn for a line dance or party, and some even sleep in it overnight.

Clients that have already benefited from a Barn Raising include:

We have 2 barns varying in size. Snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day, along with the famous Lasham Lunch! Quotations are available upon request.